MAD Games


Enhance Your Bowling Experience with MAD Games

Do you want to enjoy the ultimate bowling experience? Our new MAD Games program allows you to enjoy competitive sets that are 5 frame sets. They are similar to arcade games as they have Monster Factory, Battle of the Lanes, and Bowling Hood. Kids will love the animation and ability to build their own monster with each turn. The Oceana, Prehistorica, and Fairy tales backgrounds help to enhance the overall experience, making MAD Games one of the most memorable bowling experiences.

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    YouToons is a great game for both kids and adults. Take 3 pictures of yourself and watch as you become a cartoon character. You are the star of this game. Watch as you and your friend’s characters dance around the screen.

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    Monster Factory

    Monster Factory is the perfect game for kids and families. Build your own monster with the best shots. Depending on how many pins you knock down determines which body parts your monster gets. If you match our monster you can win 20 free games!

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    Character Factory allows you to build your very own cartoon character. With your best shot build a character from the 9 goofy body parts. If you match our characters you can win 20 free games!

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    Bowling Hood

    Enjoy a friendly archery competition with your friends. The better the shot the closer to the bull’s eye you get. Adults can play with kids by setting your skill level to level the playing field a little bit.

  • logo-battle-of-the-lanes

    Battle of the Lanes

    You and your team try to destroy the opposing team’s castle before they can destroy yours. If you are feeling bold set your skill level to hard to really test your skills.

A New Way to Play

Olympus Hills Lanes is the ONLY bowling alley in Utah to provide Monster MAD Games. Kids love the MAD Games as they get to create a unique monster that is different each time you play. MAD Games are a perfect way to play if you are looking for shorter sets that keep your kids engaged and entertained.

If you are ready to bring the whole family along for a memorable bowling experience, come down to Olympus Hills Lanes today!